As the Executive Officer, steps down after an exciting and creative period with the Darebin Information, Volunteer and Resource Service (DIVRS), the Committee of Management (COM) is looking for an energetic person with strong leadership skills to build on the work achieved, and ensure that the organisation continues to deliver a responsive and quality service to the Darebin community.

Key to the position will be strategic leadership in steering DIVRS into a future that balances large vision with financial realities – someone with the capacity to lead in an aspirational and pragmatic way but ever mindful of the needs of community we serve. The Executive Officer must be able to demonstrate high level leadership and vision, manage complex operations, be a good “people person” and work with our community and key stakeholders to meet objectives and drive the organisation’s mission. Working with the COM the role will continue to focus on positioning DIVRS and a reputable service provider, a leading volunteer support agency, continued membership engagements and diversify funding streams with a focus on social enterprise businesses. 

DIVRS is a not-for-profit, volunteer driven organisation that delivers free services and programs to vulnerable populations in the City of Darebin to help to reduce and alleviate financial crisis, social isolation and barriers to accessing community information.  Working with the COM, the role will continue to focus on positioning DIVRS as a reputable service provider and as a leading volunteer support agency, with a strong emphasis on membership engagement and diversifying funding streams, in particular social enterprise businesses.  

Current programs include:

  • Volunteer Resource Service
  • Emergency Relief Program
  • Darebin No Interest Loans Scheme
  • Community Counselling Program
  • Learner to Probationary Young Driver Program (L2P)
  • Tax Help Program
  • Community Information & Referrals
  • Urban Food Program

Apply for this Job

For more information and to obtain the Position Description that has more information on the role and the application requirements please contact:

 Chair Mr David Redfearn


M: 0448 852 747

To apply for the Executive Officer Position, please submit your CV, cover letter and application addressing the Key Selection Criteria.

Applications Close 18 August 2017, 4pm