At DIVRS, counselling sessions offer a safe, confidential and supportive environment where individuals are given the opportunity to share their feelings, thoughts and issues that arise in their lives. Participation is voluntary, free of charge and strictly confidential. Our aim is to provide assistance for individuals affected by personal loss, grief, life changes, anxiety, relationships and general personal concerns.

Our counsellors at DIVRS focus on the personal, emotional and psychological well being of individuals. In collaboration with our counsellors, individuals will gain a greater perspective, insight and clarity surrounding their circumstances. During this process individuals will learn life skills, resilience, independence which develops their personal and professional growth with the aim in them becoming autonomous, assertive and empowered.

Sessions often run between 45mins to an hour and our counsellors will be working towards encouraging individuals to talk about what is on their mind or any concerns or troubles they may be having. This is conducted through a non-judgemental, congruent and positive regard for the individual ensuring that they are able to explore new ways of thinking about the issues at hand.

Our counsellors at DIVRS use a range of counselling approaches to assist individuals with their problems. These include person centred, cognitive, behavioural, gestalt, art therapy and solution focused approaches.

Individuals interested in discussing counselling services either for themselves, a friend, family member or a client can drop in to the DIVRS or call DIVRS reception arrange a appointment with one of our professionally trained and experienced counsellors.

Our Counsellors professional associations:

  • ACA (Australian Counselling Association)

  • Reg. Prof. Art Therapist ANZATA (Australian and New Zealand Arts Therapy Association)

  • CAPAV (Counsellor’ and Psychotherapists’ Association of Victoria) (Clinical)

  • GANZ (Gestalt Australia and New Zealand)

If you require assistance please contact our reception staff to make an enquiry for contact. 


Phone: 94808 200