Free Tax Help

FREE TAX HELP has concluded at DIVRS for 2019.

TAX HELP will recommence August 2020

Can I get tax help?

If you can answer No to each of the following questions, you can receive Tax Help.

  • Is your gross income more than $60,000?

  • Did you earn income under voluntary agreement? (ie Contract Work)

  • Did you receive any royalties?

  • Did you rent out a house?

  • Did you receive income from either a public unit trust or a public trading trust?

  • Did you sell shares or other capital gains tax asset?

  • Did you receive any foreign income, other than a foreign pensioner annuity?

  • The Tax Help Program is free to Centrelink recipients and those who can demonstrate that they are low income earners

  • The Tax Help Program is for help with simple tax returns

  • Tax Help Workers are accredited by the Australian Tax Office

For further enquiries or to make an appointment please call (03) 9480 8200

Please note appointments can only be made once you have received your Group Certificate