As our longest standing volunteer in the Emergency Relief Service, Sue is nearing her 18th anniversary with DIVRS.  What is your role? To help residents get some aid (food vouchers, food parcels etc.) and other any other help that can be beneficial.  What are your highlights? Being able to offer something to people.  Sometimes you wish you could do more.  Also I work with good people.  What’s your advice to someone who is considering volunteer work? Give it a go. You’re doing something for someone else but also you’re meeting people and not stuck at home. Volunteering might also help you with your future work or life goals.



John has been with DIVRS for over 5 years and one of his many roles with the organisations is in NILS. What is your role? Assisting clients with their NILS applications. What are your highlights? Seeing peoples faces when you say ‘yes’ after they have been getting negative responses elsewhere. Hearing them say “you trust me” (when we approve their loan) is really touching. What’s your advice to someone who is considering volunteer work? Be prepared for a little bit of hard work but you get a lot out of it.  Also be flexible.


Rhonda is a Volunteer Mentor for L2P and has been with the Program for 6 years and given 684 driving hours.  What is your role? Helping young people become safe and confident drivers. It’s satisfying watching them develop and improve new skills needed for driving and sometimes for life also.  What are your highlights? The flexibility of being able to organise the drive times that fit in with my family and work. Although it can be a little challenging at times with different personalities and skill level. It is mostly very worthwhile when you get to know each other and help the young people to learn to drive safely. It is very exciting when they achieve a skill they have struggled with, and of course, they pass their licence after all the practice that they have put in. What’s your advice to someone who is considering volunteer work? There are benefits all round for both Mentor and Young person. One learns to drive a car and one learns navigate their mobile phone.



Sam is a valued member of the Fresh Food team since late 2014. What is your role? Helping out with delivering Fresh Food and Bread service. This includes collecting produce and bringing it back to DIVRS. I also help with harvesting fruit and preparing seedlings. What are your highlights? I enjoy the company of our team and coming here to help other people that need help. What’s your advice to someone who is considering volunteer work? To help another person that needs help gives you satisfaction.