A year ago, motivated by the talents and skills of our Volunteers, the Urban Food Program sought support from like-minded philanthropists and community influencer's and began exploring the possibilities of developing an Urban Food Social Enterprise.

The existing urban orchard of which DIVRS has access to through its Darebin Fruit Squad programme was a small scale of what is believed to be a large resource for the community.  DIVRS at this time had registered 227 fruit trees. Since this concentrated energy was given new life, registered trees have increased by 40%.

DIVRS widen its potential for protecting and harvesting to propagating.  After training an expert team of volunteers in this specialised skill, the idea took flight.  The fruits of their labour are ready to share!  Visit the tab above or click below to purchase your very own Apple Tree.

These Apple Trees directly support the work of DIVRS who actively contribute to reducing food insecurity and increasing sustainability in the City of Darebin.   It is a hand grafted fruit tree that has been carefully grown and nurtured by volunteers.  By purchasing and planting an Apple Tree you will be protecting and preserving the urban orchard for your community and for future generations.